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Early access to earned wages vs. payday loans

With the rise of peer-to-peer payment apps and other new technologies, people increasingly expect faster payments, including workers who want more flexibility than the payroll cycle. two-week traditional. It’s good news that emerging technology and services are giving workers access to a portion of their earnings before payday. However, some service offerings have raised concerns […]

Political society

Georgian civil and political society unite to save ancient gold mines in southern Dmanisi

Georgian civil and political society are joining forces to save one of the oldest gold mines in southern Georgia and prevent Russian gold and copper mining company RMG Gold from expanding there. For this reason, 14 Georgian political parties established the Dmanisi Survival Foundation and participated in an auction announced by the Georgian Ministry of […]

Political business

Auto-lenders replaced high-interest loans in Arizona

Can consumers really repay their payday loans? High rates can create a debt trap for consumers struggling to pay bills and take out payday loans. Wochit High-interest lenders have circumvented an Arizona ban on payday loans by migrating to self-title loans, including those where borrowers don’t own their vehicles, a study critical of the practice […]