Civil rights

521 civil rights groups call for UN intervention


More than 500 civil rights groups have called for a meeting of the United Nations Security Council to stop the escalation of violence in Myanmar’s Chin State, an unstable border region that has emerged as a front of resistance against the military regime.

Local media, witnesses and the UN have reported an accumulation of heavy weapons and troops in Chin, suggesting an imminent attack by the military to flush out militias formed after a military takeover on February 1.

Human Rights Watch issued a statement on behalf of 521 international and national organizations that called on the Security Council to pass a resolution and act before the offensive spreads to Chin, which borders India.

“He must call an urgent meeting on the escalating attacks in Chin State and the overall worsening of the political, human rights and humanitarian crisis due to the search for power and greed of the Burmese military leaders who have caused immense suffering, ”he said.

Myanmar has been crippled by protests and violence since the military takeover, with the ruling military struggling to rule and facing armed resistance from ethnic minority militias and rebels allied to a shadow government it calls “terrorists”.

Witnesses, aid groups and local media said houses and churches were set on fire in Thantlang town.

Reuters has been unable to independently verify reports of an offensive in the region, where the internet and other communications have been disrupted.

The United Nations humanitarian agency, in a situation report released on Wednesday, said clashes between security forces and People’s Defense Forces had escalated in Chin as well as in neighboring Magway and Sagaing areas. .