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California Reparations Task Force: recent meeting. History of the Honored Movement | VIDEO

This image taken from video from the governor’s office shows California Governor Gavin Newsom signing into law a bill that establishes a task force to make recommendations on how to grant reparations to American blacks.

*The California Task Force under study and development Proposed Reparations for African Americans is holding its seventh meeting this week.

During the two-day virtual conference, the working group will pay tribute to black history month as well as African-American heroes who started the fight for reparations – and kept it alive over the years – in the United States.

“Happy Black History Month! The nation’s first California Reparations Task Force met again Wednesday-Thursday Feb 23-24,” tweeted Kamilah Moore, chairman of the working group. The tweet added, “Join us as we celebrate past and current repair efforts!”

Moore, originally from Los Angeles, is an attorney and activist whose scholarship and work focused on the study of reparations.

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Kamilah Moore
Kamilah Moore/Photo by Kara Coleen via CBM

On February 23, committee members and guest speakers will revisit the origins of Black History Month, followed by a commemoration of past and current reparations movements that have fought for government restitution for black people. once enslaved in the United States.

Chad Brown, Member of the National Assembly of Descendants of American Slavery – Los Angeles, will address the panel during the program’s segment acknowledging current reparations movements.

“Sending *special* congratulations to @Chad_Boogie @NAASDLA for being selected to testify before the AC Reparations Task Force on Wednesday 2/23 (between 3-4pm) in recognition of ongoing reparations efforts,” tweeted the Coalition for a Fair and Just California..

During the second half of the first day, the panel will welcome Mary Frances Berry, historian, lawyer and professor at the University of Pennsylvania.. She will lead a discussion titled “Recognizing Current Restorative Efforts”.

Berry is the author of “My Face is Black Is True: Callie House and the Struggle for Ex-Slave Reparations”. The book tells the story of a former slave woman named Callie House who led a reparations movement for the descendants of enslaved black people 70 years before the civil rights movement. Nashville washerwoman widow and mother of five, House (1861-1928) fought to have African American Union soldiers denied pensions, strategically targeting $68 million generated in taxes on seized cotton of the states of the Confederation.

Mary Frances Berry
Mary Frances Berry, author and professor of history and African studies

The nine-member panel will also vote on operational details of the project, as outlined in Assembly Bill (AB) 3121, the law that authorized the task force.

On the same day, members of the task force’s advisory committee: Moore, Jovan Lewis, chair of the UC Berkeley Department of Geography, and a representative from the California Department of Justice will discuss how the task force will employ expert consultants to help with their work.

The first item on the working group’s agenda each day is an hour for public comment. Each speaker will have three minutes to speak.

In 2020, Governor Gavin Newsom signed the landmark State Reparations Task Force bill into law. It was written by the current California Secretary of State, Dr. Shirley Weber, when she was a member of the Assembly representing the 79and Neighborhood in the San Diego area.

For more information on the task force, visit the California Department of Justice website.
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