Civil rights

Civil rights lawyer Pamela Price wins Big Labor endorsements for Alameda District Attorney election

By Tommy Nguyen

FREMONT, Calif. — Late last week, the Asia-Pacific American Workers Alliance (APALA) and the National Union of Health Care Workers (NUHW) released their endorsements for their top picks for district attorney. Alameda County – Pamela Price earned both endorsements.

Founded in 1992, APALA is the first and only national organization of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) workers; most are unionized and advance workers’, immigrants’ and civil rights.

They are dedicated to promoting political education and voter registration programs among AAPIs, as well as the training, empowerment and leadership of AAPIs within the labor movement and the APA community.

“APALA has been a powerful voice addressing both workplace rights and safety for Asian Americans in our communities,” Price said. “Their endorsement is based on my record of fighting for workers’ rights and safety.”

NUHW was founded in 2009 by healthcare workers and a leading advocate for mental health parity and safe staffing levels. The union is made up of more than 15,000 members, committed to expanding access to health care, improving patient care and defending the right of all workers to earn a good salary and feel safe. in their job.

“I have represented many health care workers in their fight for justice and will continue to hold companies and institutions accountable for their misconduct regarding their practices and public safety,” Price said. “NUHW has recognized that compassionate justice is the only correct path for true reform of our system.”

Price began her professional legal career as a criminal defense attorney in San Francisco, representing youth, handling hundreds of felony and misdemeanor cases before establishing her own private practice in Oakland.

Price said she believes both unions see her as a leader who has an incredible record of relentless change in the justice system. She sees herself as the woman they are looking for, a “champion of true justice”.