Civil rights

Civil rights leader, lawyer and activists call on President Biden to grant asylum to Haitian immigrants


Lawyers, advocates and civil rights activists gathered in downtown Brooklyn on Monday to call on President Joe Biden to grant asylum to Haitian immigrants. The group blocked the roads, begging people to act.

People around Tillary Street and Adams Street at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge on Monday morning heard people shouting, “No eviction.”

Civil rights lawyer Sanford Rubenstein, Reverend Kevin McCall and activists are calling on Biden to extend the same treatment to Haitian migrants they think he is giving everyone.

They say the way Haitians are treated on the southern border is unacceptable. Currently, Haitians are fleeing their country due to crippling political instability and Haiti’s economic collapse. They are asking the president to get rid of Title 42, a program put in place by the Trump administration. Rubenstein went on to say that conditions in Haiti are so damaging that it is not a safe place for returning migrants.

Those who rally say change is needed now before things get worse.

Those who were demonstrating were eventually arrested and taken to the 84th arrondissement. Police said they were disrupting traffic and blocking the roadway when asked to move.