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COLLINS: Who is to blame for the rising anger in society?

Ian Mulgrew wrote in the Vancouver Sun this week: “It’s time to take stock of the many polls, anecdotes and messy videos that police, politicians and millionaire landlords say demand an iron fist: more than police, more money for law enforcement. and more imprisonment.

When the cost of putting these people in prison is more expensive than providing them with proper care, it is foolish for narrow-minded people who cannot grasp the enormity of the big picture to offer things that will never work.

I’m not saying I wouldn’t be mad at the constant vandalism, litter and drug needles around my property, but the facts show that in many areas the crime severity rate is down. Kamloops has a high crime rate for levels of crimes like drug trafficking and so-called petty crimes, but it’s certainly not beyond serviceable.

Blaming the city council and higher levels of government for the problem, and suggesting changes to council membership to ‘toughen up’ street crime, is just a blind reaction based on anger and thoughtlessness. . We used to call it “let off steam, but these words are much more dangerous and violent than that.

These critics have valid points and their views should not be taken lightly.

But their solutions aren’t fundamentally valid, and yelling at political leaders, immigrants, and homeless people won’t get them the solution they want.

I’m Doug Collins and this is one man’s opinion.