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Concept of race means ‘white dominance over non-white’ – Michigan Capitol Confidential

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Civil rights leaders nod to claim that US schools and colleges view black people as disposable

The Michigan Department of Civil Rights has adopted and advocates a policy resource guide which highlights a Chicago Public Schools Racial Equity Plan that states that American social institutions, including K-12 schools and universities, view black people as “inhumane,” “disposable” and “inherently problematic”.

The Chicago School District Equity Plan also defines race as a “political construct created to concentrate power on whites and legitimize dominance over non-whites.”

The document was posted by the Michigan Department of Civil Rights on its website. Its title is “Resource Guide for Developing a School Equity Plan: A Model for Operationalizing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Michigan’s K-12 Education System.”

The title of the section of the Michigan guide that refers to Chicago is “Vision and Mission in Action: Chicago Public Schools.” The Michigan guide states, “The CPS (Chicago Public Schools) Equity Framework provides a framework for developing an equity plan and can help schools as they begin to create a vision and assignment.

The Chicago equity scheme was updated in 2020. It states that institutional racism is embedded “in all institutions.”

He then defines institutional racism as “expressed in the practice of developing organizational programs, policies, or procedures that operate to benefit white people and to the detriment of people of color, usually unintentionally or inadvertently.”

The Chicago guide also includes definitions for “Anti-blackness” and race.

“Anti-blackness: Anti-blackness, or the socially constructed rendering of black bodies as inhuman, disposable, and inherently problematic, endures in the organizational arrangement and cultural ethos of America’s social institutions, including its schools, colleges, and K-12 universities.. The origins of anti-blackness are rooted in plantation and chattel slavery, and its logic endures to the present day (cited in Chezare A. Warren & Justin A Coles (2020) Trading Spaces: Antiblackness and Reflections on Black Education Futures, Equity & Excellence in Education.)”

“Race: A powerful social idea that gives people different access to opportunities and resources. Race is not biological, but it is real. A political construct created to concentrate power on whites and legitimize domination over non-whites.