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Democratic Civil Movement criticizes regime’s measures and lack of reform – Middle East Monitor

The Democratic Civil Movement in Egypt, which includes opposition parties, has criticized what it calls the authorities’ economic measures that increase the suffering of citizens, as well as the slow release of prisoners of conscience.

The movement met on Wednesday evening to discuss the latest developments in the call for national dialogue and related procedures related to the formation of its various groups and committees. Members also discussed the guarantees demanded by the movement in the declaration issued on May 8 as a precondition for the opening of negotiations.

“The commissions of the political axes of the national dialogue did not achieve the balance required and agreed with the party calling for dialogue [the regime]which stipulates that the dialogue between the power and the opposition is made equal”, explained the movement.

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She stressed the need to insist on the commitment to release prisoners of conscience and expressed deep concern at the slow pace of the release process. Furthermore, the movement affirmed its firm rejection of the continued arrests of citizens for expressing their opinions and the restrictions imposed on citizens and the media, which contradict the regime’s claims to move towards real political reform in accordance with the principles of the constitution regarding freedom of expression. thought, opinion and expression.

He also renewed his rejection of the authorities’ haste to take economic and political measures of a strategic nature before starting the dialogue, especially since these measures affect the lives of citizens and increase the burdens imposed on them. He noted that the adoption of these measures contrasts sharply with the statements of the regime, which said that all issues of interest to citizens would be discussed during the national dialogue sessions.

The movement underlined that its participation in the preparatory procedures for the dialogue does not in any way imply its approval of the recent policies adopted by the government at the economic and social level which affect the daily life of the citizens and increase the burden of the foreign debt and the inflation. . She also affirmed her adherence to the constants contained in the founding statement, which emphasized the centrality of the issue of social justice and the development of economic production.

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