Civil movement

Ebrahim Harvey | Why South Africa urgently needs a new United Democratic Front by 2022


United Democratic Front leaders speaking to media in 1990 in Cape Town. Pictured are Archie Gumede, Murphy Morobe, Terror Lekota, Moses Mayekiso and Popo Molefe among others. Image: gallo images

We urgently need a new movement to rebuild the type of highly effective United Democratic Front that we had in the 1980s in the fight against apartheid, writes Ebrahim harvey.

On the eve of the new year and against the backdrop of the most serious and dramatic events of 2021, as well as the unprecedented socio-economic and political crises that accompany them, which have been significantly worsened by the utter devastation caused by the pandemic of Covid-19, there’s probably no one in this country who doesn’t care much about what the new year will bring and what our future will be.

Indeed, South Africa is a country endowed with the most exquisite physical beauty and equally enjoyed by whites and blacks albeit with a tortuous and withered history, which we not only struggle to overcome, but which, in some ways is worse than it was under apartheid.

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