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Malaysian civil movement group backs Hamas: calls UK “immoral” and “unforgivable”


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The Malaysian Informed Society Movement (Wadah) criticized the United Kingdom (UK) for naming Hamas as a terrorist group.

In a statement, Wadah described it as a shameful attempt to criminalize Palestinian resistance and deny popular Palestinian political representation.

Wadah Secretary General Mohd Halimi Abdul Hamid has said the UK’s attempt to suppress the rights and freedoms of the Palestinian people is “immoral” and “unforgivable”.

Wadah Secretary General Mohd Halimi Abdul Hamid. (Credit: Wadah)

He stressed that the Palestinians are trying to resist the brutal occupation of Israeli Zionists and illegal extremist settlements.

Hamas has no political interest in Britain and has never carried out any activity in the UK. The movement against Hamas aims to disrupt the many initiatives in the UK that support the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian people in particular in Gaza.

Wadah secretary general Mohd Halimi Abdul Hamid calls Hamas a terrorist group

He accused the UK of trying to stifle the ever-growing support for Palestinians in the country, including peaceful activism and charity work that is pro-Palestine.

Mohd Halimi added that Hamas is a legitimate Palestinian movement that has proven to be a successful political party in Gaza and the West Bank.

As a result, Hamas is also strongly predicted to win the Palestinian general elections should they ever take place.

The UK cannot designate Hamas as a terrorist group in an attempt to deprive Palestinian voters of their freedom to choose, to express their will and their aspirations.

Wadah secretary general Mohd Halimi Abdul Hamid calls Hamas a terrorist group

The Malaysia-Hamas connection

A fundamentalist, militant and nationalist Sunni-Islamist Palestinian organization, Hamas sees itself as a resistance movement that is also anti-occupation, anti-apartheid and anti-colonialism.

Hamas has said its right to resist Israeli occupation is grounded in international law, which gives people under military occupation the legitimate right to resist in any form.

Support for Hamas – in cash and in kind – runs deep in Malaysian society, especially among Muslims, all in the name of humanity and the ummah (an Arabic word meaning “community”).

Malaysia is the only country in the world in which citizens’ passports clearly state that the passport is “valid for all countries except Israel”.

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Inevitably, blood had spilled on Malaysian soil.

Palestinian professor Fadi Mohammad al-Batsh, 35, was killed in a drive-by shooting on April 21, 2018 in Kuala Lumpur.

Batsh reportedly left his apartment at dawn to pray at a local mosque on the Kuala Lumpur suburb of Gombak, when he was hit by two gunmen on motorcycles.

Hamas accused the Israeli spy agency Mossad of the assassination, which the latter denied.

The place where the assassination took place. (Source: Facebook)

See enemies from afar?

Malaysia, which does not have diplomatic relations with Israel, has long disagreed with the Zionist regime.

Former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad has consistently criticized Israel and its policies against the Palestinians.

Israel is the source of modern terrorism, says Dr Mahathir. (Credit: Malaysian Mail)

Malaysia has been boycotting Israel out of sympathy for the Palestinian cause for decades.

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Malaysia has also been accused of training of Hamas activists in the country, that the Ministry of the Interior refuse.

More recently, Malaysia banned Israeli players from participating in the World Team Squash Championship in Malaysia.

Malaysia refused to grant visas to Israeli players and, as a result, the tournament was canceled.

Needless to say, the Israelis weren’t amused.

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Business is business

Despite its anti-Israel foreign policy, Malaysia maintains trade relations with Israel.

Israel’s exports to Malaysia amounted to US $ 7.02 million (RM 29.50 million) in 2020, according to the UN’s COMTRADE International Trade Database.

Trade with Israel. (Source: Trading

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