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Nominate people committed to the development of society for civic polls, Assam CM urges parties

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Monday called on all parties to field candidates who are committed to the welfare of society for the upcoming municipal elections in the state.

Candidates with no party affiliation or symbol would have been ideal for the polls, but this decision cannot be made without discussions, Sarma noted.

“I call on all political parties to ensure that those committed to improving the situation in the cities are given tickets for the next polls,” the chief minister told reporters here.

He also said that key municipal officials would be appointed by a state-level department and transferred to different local bodies across Assam.

The dates of the municipal elections should be announced in the coming days.

“Many states have already adopted non-party elections at the local level and I suggest that we also hold discussions on this so that we can implement them in the upcoming panchayat polls,” he said.

The CM said his government is seeking to develop the infrastructure of each city, for which a master plan will soon be prepared.

In each city, the government is proposing to integrate the deputy commissioner’s office with all other offices and move them all to an area with parking lots, he said.

The government has already sanctioned 10 stadiums and these will be reflected in the next budget allocation, the CM claimed.

Auditoriums with a capacity of 1,000 seats would be set up at the district headquarters, and others with a capacity of 500 seats would be set up in smaller towns, he said.

Sarma also said the prisons would be moved to the suburbs, freeing up 50 to 100 bighas where parks and other facilities can be built.

The government planned to introduce more “faceless services” online, such as the one set up for issuing business licenses, for everyone’s convenience, he added.

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