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“Phenomenal Woman, Phenomenally” celebrated at the YMIC gala | Parties/Society

For its 85th carnival ball on Friday, the Young Men Illinois Club chose to celebrate black American women with the theme of its painting, “Phenomenal Woman, Phenomenally”.

In 1978, the late poet extraordinaire Maya Angelou captivated the sensibilities and sensitivities of women by summoning the muse of poetry, Calliope, to inspire “Phenomenal Woman.” Ms. Angelou has broken stereotypes by writing literary work that captures the synergy of various literary types, including metaphor, hyperbole, imagery, personification and alliteration. “Phenomenal Woman” celebrates the legacy of strength that can be associated with black women.

For its gala, the club celebrated “its history”, the steps of today’s strong black women. Featured ladies/divas/icons can be seen on the Olympic Beam, next to the Ballet Barre, in the Grammys Green Room, in the Director’s Editing Room, in the Boardroom, in a rally or political debate, in a research lab, as a former first lady, and in the White House as vice president of the United States.

We are honored to celebrate black women, because each is a phenomenal, phenomenal woman!

Miss Lauren Aliya Wright, the daughter of Mr. Eric Anthony Wright and Mrs. Safiyya Trepagnier Wright, ruled the ball as queen. Her Majesty’s sister reigned in 2020.

Miss Lindsay Mariah Bickham, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bickham, was the first maid.

The court debutantes were Misses Laila Cherie Grant, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Corey Grant; Madison Elesa Levy, daughter of Mr. Ovidio Levy and Mrs. Vyntrella Menzies; Zoe Noelle Carter, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Craig Carter; Amira Donyell Dawson, daughter of Mr. Omar Dawson and Mrs. Tyralyn Daniels; Courtney Marie Wilson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Wilson; Chandler Elise Collins, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Collins; Thee Alexis Robinson, daughter of Mrs. Thekata Robinson; Maya Marcel McDonald, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Travis McDonald; Elle Alexandra Black, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Black; Ayrece Mo’Nae Hodges, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nakia Hodges; Falynn Kalei Bouton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Farrow Bouton; and Tyler Danielle Hinds, daughter of Mrs. Tiffany Hinds and the late Mr. Christopher Hinds.

The princesses were Miss Allison Cecilia and Alysia Faye Raymond, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Atari Raymond Sr.; and Alexa Elena Jefferson, daughter of Mr. Archie Jefferson and Mrs. Menzies.

The pages included Misses Carlie Nikol Garrison, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Garrison Jr.; Adrienne Nicole Rogers, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Cornel Rogers; Riley Marie Vidal, daughter of Mr. Cory J. Vidal and Dr. Robin Riley Vidal; and Lila Eglee Walcott, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Walcott Sr.

The officers of the club are Judge Omar Mason, president; MM. Ravi Bates, Vice President; Emile Bagnerris, financial secretary; Adam Roussell, recording secretary; Cardell Ross, Treasurer; Lawrence Robinson, Director of Social Affairs; Anthony Faciane, Deputy Director of Social Affairs; Michael Walcott, Sergeant = at Arms; Milton Brown, chaplain; Marion Floyd, parliamentarian and magistrate; Joseph Batiste, archivist and seal; and Bryan Jourdan, advertising director.

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