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Sabah CM: Bar decision is “apolitical”

KOTA KINABALU: A move by Sabah lawyers to seek judicial review of the state’s 40% revenue entitlement is a positive non-partisan move, Chief Minister Datuk Seri Hajiji Noor said (Photo).

He said the state viewed the decision of the Sabah Law Society (SLS) in a positive and non-political light in the common pursuit of constitutional provisions when Sabah formed Malaysia in 1963.

The state government, he said, has taken note of SLS’s request for judicial review over the 40% net income in the form of a special grant Sabah is constitutionally entitled to. federal.

“The government of Sabah has been and will continue to vigorously pursue the 40% right and other legitimate rights and interests of Sabah with the federal government,” it said in a statement yesterday.

In April, the Chief Minister said that Sabah had welcomed the quadrupling of the special state grant from the federal government, from RM26.7 million to RM125.6 million from of this year.

Hajiji said the move was a good development for Sabah as the state government continues to pursue the 40% duty as enshrined in the 1963 agreement with Malaysia (MA63).

The SLS filed for judicial review on Thursday to overturn Putrajaya’s publication of the annual subsidy for Sabah because it did not comply with state revenue rights under MA63.

Sabah Pakatan Harapan, through 12 of its legislators, has also filed a lawsuit in the High Court seeking Sabah’s right to return 40% of the state’s federal revenue on June 3.