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Save Soil Movement: Sadhguru reaches India after cycling through 26 nations – See the photos | New

In the journey to raise awareness of land degradation that threatens life on the planet, Sadhguru will travel 30,000 km across 27 nations.

World-renowned Indian spiritualist and environmentalist Sadhguru embarked on a unique 100-day solitary motorcycle on Monday, March 21. After crossing the freezing cold of Europe and the furnace of the Arabian desert, Sadhguru, founder of the Isha Foundation, set foot on the soil of Bharat and landed at the port of Jamnagar in Gujarat. Here is a collection of photos from his visit to Gujarat.

Sadghguru is warmly welcomed by the Indian Navy and the people of Gujarat

Sadhguru received a rousing welcome from the Indian Navy, as their band performed the anthem Save Soil. Capturing the essence of the movement, the crowd chanted “Dharti ki pukaar, dharti ki lalkaar, dharti ki dahaad, mitti bachao ped lagao”, while Sadhguru planted a sapling, signifying the start of Journey for Soil in India.

Vibrant folklore shows to raise awareness to save soils

Vibrant folklore performances raise awareness about saving soils

Amidst all the heart-pounding drumbeats, vibrant folk performances and high-tension slogans from thousands of states, Sadhguru addressed the crowd, asking them to keep up the momentum to save the ground.

What is Save Soil Movement

What is Save Soil Movement?

Save Soil is a global movement to inspire a conscious approach to saving our soil and our planet. It is above all a popular movement. The goal is to demonstrate the support of more than 3.5 billion people (more than 60% of the global voting population) around the world and to empower governments to initiate political action to revitalize soils and stop degradation. World leaders, influencers, artists, experts, farmers, spiritual leaders, NGOs and citizens are vocally supporting the movement to restore Humanity’s relationship with the Soil.

What is the need to save the ground

What is the need to save the ground

Soil extinction could lead to unprecedented ecological, economic and social disasters around the world. This includes intensifying climate change, global food and water shortages, brutal civil unrest and migration across continents threatening the security and cultural fabric of every nation.

Supporters of the Save Soil movement

Supporters of the Save Soil Movement

The Save Soil movement is supported by the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), the United Nations World Food Program and the International Union for Conservation of nature (IUCN). Since Sadhguru began his journey 68 days ago, 74 nations around the world have pledged to take concrete action to save their country’s soils.