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Sultan Özcan: Labor and Freedom Alliance is not a movement on paper

Sultan Özcan, a member of the HDP MYK, said that after the Labor and Freedom Alliance was presented to the public on September 24, they would come together with all social strata to build a democratic republic.

Sultan Özcan, co-spokesperson of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Committee on Relations with Civil Society Organizations and Political Parties, spoke to the ANF about the Alliance for Labor and Freedom. Özcan pointed out that it is very different from other alliances. “This new covenant brings together all areas of victimization, areas of denial, these rights have been usurped, and even beyond it brings the voice of this silence. The Labor and Freedom Alliance is a pluralistic alliance against racism, militarism and sexism.

fight together

Özcan spoke about the work to be done after the joint text announced by the Labor and Freedom Alliance on September 24 in Istanbul. “We want to build a new democratic republic; we want to get rid of this mentality of war. We are not a movement on paper. We are already fighting together in the streets. We are already a community of movements fighting against the massacre of women, the ignorance of women’s work and identity, the recognition of the rights of the Kurdish people within the framework of constitutional citizenship, within the framework of local democracy, in a free, non-confrontational and non-violent environment with the peoples of Turkey. We share our fight; the election is one of them. We are aware of the importance of the election, of its strategic significance, and it gives us such a responsibility in society. We will unite in power, action and imagination in building democracy.

Özcan said the new alliance draws its strength from its past experience of struggle and added, “We have a great heritage. As we resisted yesterday, we will resist today.”