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The Brewster Historical Society will create an archive of the COVID-19 pandemic

BREWSTER, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — If you’ve ever wondered how the history books will portray the COVID-19 pandemic in the future, the Brewster Historical Society may soon have an archive created on it for future generations to see.

The BHS said it was working on an archive to house stories, images and artifacts from the pandemic. Brewster historians said they are seeking personal accounts from area residents on everything from warrants, travel advisories and restrictions, to political speech and the loss of life to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We hope we can store it for future generations, so they can know what we have been through these days – similar to the pandemic of 1919, people eagerly sought resources for this” , said the BHS Museum. Director Tamsen Martin-Cornell.

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BHS was responsible for the exhibits within the Cobb House Museum, Windmill Village and Hopkins Blacksmith Shop.

“People are still thinking about it – it’s not over yet. So far we’ve had written testimonials, stories from people about how it has personally affected their families, poetry – a submission has come of people who went on a road trip as soon as COVID-19 hit,” Martin-Cornell said.

WBZ’s Tim Dunn (@Consider me Dunn) reports.