Civil rights

The Civil Rights Movement will hold a Bloody Sunday commemoration in the Reflection Garden

A special memorial to those who lost their lives on Bloody Sunday will take place at the Garden of Reflection on Sunday.

The garden, located at the entrance to Glenfada Park (under the civil rights mural) near where a number of victims were shot, is dedicated to the late Bishop of Derry, the Reverend Dr Edward Daly.

The 50th commemoration of those killed and injured will take the form of a floral tribute and a large black flag draped over the garden summer chair.

Vincent Coyle, son of the late Vinny Coyle, the famous local civil rights activist and chief steward of many civil rights marches, including the ill-fated march of January 30, 1972, said: ‘We would like to remind people that the march original was not supporting any political organization or paramilitary groupings, it was purely an anti-internment march as up to 90% of those interned were non-violent community activists and civil rights activists.

“If the UK Government had followed the advice of the civil rights leadership, we would not have been plunged into three decades of war in which many lives were lost.

“Civil rights activists and their nonviolent methods have achieved more than 30 years of violence.

“The Reflection Garden was established in memory of the late Bishop Edward Daly, who was known as the ‘civil rights’ priest and attended many protests organized by the civil rights movement. His role in Bloody Sunday was iconic as his involvement was shown around the world and helped highlight the brutality of British paratroopers that day.

Vincent Coyle

“The 50th commemoration will see a black flag draped over the summer seat and a floral tribute in memory of all those who lost their lives on Bloody Sunday.

“A small poster, next to a civil rights badge, will be placed above the summer seat dedicated to the memory of Bishop Daly, Ivan Cooper, the organizer of the 1972 march, and by Vinny Coyle.

“The President is here to also represent all those involved in the civil rights movement who have passed away and to support the families for their great loss and those injured that day, and to remember that the campaign for truth and justice justice will continue. .”