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The Khoisan movement embarks on a march against the housing crisis

The mass Khoisan movement is preparing to embark on a 50km march tomorrow to raise money for Gauteng’s housing crisis and to demand land and housing.

According to the civil rights movement, community members and volunteers will walk from Johannesburg to Vodacom’s head office, then to the Union Buildings in Pretoria overnight and to the housing department on Thursday morning.

Following the 2020 community march in central Johannesburg under the banner of the Gauteng Housing Crisis Committee, President and National Chairman of the Khoisan Mass Movement, Joseph Marble, said the community felt abandoned by the government.

“We have people waiting for homes since 1997, some since 2000 and some even before, and nothing has been said or done,” Marble said.

Earlier this year, many Gauteng residents expressed disappointment and concern at the huge housing backlog, with many still on waiting lists to receive homes after registering with the housing department in 1996.

There are currently nearly 480,000 people on the waiting list for homes in the city of Joburg as Gauteng struggles to reduce the housing backlog.

The backlog stands at just over 1.2 million, due to more people moving into the province for better economic opportunities.

“I want to walk from Johannesburg to Cape Town or around South Africa to raise around R80 million for the buildings we want to buy for all our housing services, heritage buildings and other related projects,” Marble added.

“The price of the building is R28,000,000. This building will be the Khoisan National Office and also the Housing Office.”

“It’s also where all of our different groups of Khoisan structures will sit, leaders of different ethnic groups. There are different racial groups and each of us has our own language and culture just like any other ethnic group in South Africa.

Marble urged those wishing to lend their support by joining the march or making donations to call 061-092-5197.

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