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The movement “Women, life, freedom” publishes a national charter. What does all this say?

A woman holds a banner during a protest against the death of Mahsa Amini in Tehran. PA

New Delhi: An anonymous and unknown group in Iran released a national charter for the “Women, Life, Freedom” movement on Saturday and hinted at the overthrow of the oppressive Islamic regime and the establishment of the secular “Republic of Iran”.

With a total of eight goals, the group outlined what a secular republic in West Asia should aspire to and highlighted how equality and freedom for women were the main goals of the charter.

The charter aims to establish a secular “Republic of Iran”, which does not interfere in any kind of religiosity (including beliefs and rituals) as well as a foreign policy based on the national interest.

The priority of the group as reflected in its charter is to protect the fundamental rights of women. “Legal equality and the facilitation of women’s social roles are the main objectives of the rewriting of laws and regulations”, reads one of the objectives of the charter.

Iran’s territorial integrity is also an essential part of the agenda. The governance of each village, district, city and province is the responsibility of the people of this region, while the protection of Iran’s natural and cultural heritage is part of the national duty towards its citizens.

The charter promises that the method of transition from an oppressive Islamic regime where the state rules with an iron fist and the freedoms of citizens are curtailed to a secular republic would be peaceful. It says: “The right of self-defense against violent repression is reserved”.

The group believes that majority rule can only be achieved through free elections. The majority cannot violate the basic rights of the minority and the constitution will include freedom of assembly and association, prohibition of government censorship, protection of privacy and human rights.

The charter reveals that in a new, reimagined Iran, the government’s goal should be to provide equal opportunities, civil liberties and meet the welfare needs of all citizens. “Iran is the common property of all Iranians, regardless of gender, language, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion and social class, and the government is obligated to eliminate all forms of discrimination” , indicates the charter.

It also proposes to form a transitional government by a representative who defends the “daughters of the revolution” with the presence of factions adhering to these principles. “The government’s agenda is a general amnesty, a commission of inquiry to respond for the victims… integrate the IRGC into the professional army (the abolition of conscription), resolve the nuclear file and tackle the economic problem.situation….”, reads the charter.

The pro-life group’s signature says its attitude is to welcome everyone with open arms, including those affiliated with the current regime and the previous regime. They also state that they published the charter so that it would spark discussion and act as an ally for the thousands of Iranian women who braved violence and oppression while protesting against the Islamic regime in the wake of the death of Masha Amini.

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