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Tunisia: the Echaâb movement points to two scenarios to deal with the political crisis

Tunis/Tunisia — The political roadmap for the second congress of the Echaâb movement provides for two “electoral scenarios”, Ali Ben Aoun, president of the party’s 2nd congress, told TAP on the sidelines of the second day in Hammamet.

Either the success of the elections announced by the President of the Republic, or the failure.

Faced with these two scenarios, the party must be ready, said the president of the conference, noting an “agreement” within the party on the need to actively contribute to the two upcoming events, including the legislative elections.

It is a “conditional” agreement, he stressed. There is a need to review the electoral system, including the status and role of opinion polls and the future political system.

Regarding the authority that should oversee the electoral process, Ali Ben Aoun said he was opposed to a possible role for the Independent High Authority for Elections (ISIE) or the Ministry of the Interior in the next legislative elections, suggesting to entrust a “civil judicial institution” with this task.

The president of the 2nd Party Congress also indicated that the Echaâb movement is in favor of a “national dialogue” with progressive organizations and forces, noting that the national consultation launched by the Head of State is “insufficient”.