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Union Hm will address the Cooperative Society event in Bajipura today | Surah News

Surat: More than a lakh people are likely to attend ‘Sahkar Thi Samruddhi – Cooperation for Prosperity’, an event organized by the region’s cooperative societies on Sunday, which the union’s Home Minister Amit Shah is expected to attend The event will take place in Bajipura in the Tapi district, a tribal area.
Shah will inaugurate an Enriched Wheat Flour Factory, Butter Cold Storage and Powder Warehouse in Navi Pardi in the presence of Gujarat CM Bhupendra Patel. Organic fertilizer and animal feed compost manufacturing plants developed by SUMUL will also be inaugurated on the same day.
The event is organized under the management of SUMUL Dairy and the majority of the participants are associated with the dairy network of the dairy. According to political experts, Bajipura was chosen because it is in the center of the southern Gujarat tribal region.
This is the first major meeting of the cooperative sector in which a trade union minister for cooperation will take part for the first time in the region. The reunion was originally scheduled for January and again for February, but continued to be delayed. According to the leaders of the cooperatives, the cooperative history of Surat goes back about 100 years. “The event will play an important role in the growth of the cooperative sector in the region. The government recently announced funds of Rs 900 crore for the cooperative sector. All cooperative organizations will benefit,” said Mansinh Patel, President of SUMUL.
“There can be no better place than South Gujarat to celebrate the formation of the Ministry of Cooperation as the cooperative movement is over 100 years old in this region,” said Jayesh Patel, Director of SUMUL.
According to SUMUL officials, dairy cooperative members from Surat and Tapi district will join the event. However, as this is a cooperative sector event, members from other cooperatives in South Gujarat will also participate.
“The attendance of around 1 lakh people is expected as Amit Shah himself is coming to the event. This would be the first mega event he would address since becoming cooperation minister,” Mansinh added. patel.