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uttarakhand: To become politicians, we must first be accepted in society, say transgender people in the state | Dehradun News

Dehradun: In the 2017 Uttarakhand Assembly elections, transgender leader Rajni Rawat ran for the Raipur seat as an independent. She was the only transgender contestant in the fray that year. This time, however, no member of the community contests the election.
Rajni Rawat, who recently joined the BJP, did not receive the ticket. Nonetheless, his induction into the main political party has sparked a debate around the representation of the community in Uttarakhand politics.
Speaking to YOU, Aditi Sharma, Uttarakhand’s first registered transgender woman, said taking an active role in politics is not her community’s top priority at the moment. “First of all, we need to be accepted by society. Only then can we become successful politicians in the state. There are 300 transgender people registered with the electoral commission in Uttarakhand, but our concerns remain unresolved and unheard by the system. We first need to address the basic issues of our identity and acceptance,” Sharma said. Elaborating on the demands of the community, Sharma said, “On the model of Uttar Pradesh, we want a transgender council or commission in Uttarakhand to address our issues. Without a board of directors, our concerns are swept under the rug and lawmakers don’t even take notice of the issues. A board of directors will establish the identity of our community. Once that happens, I think people will stop behaving awkwardly with us.
Echoing a similar view, Sagar Dogra, President of Pariyojna Kalyan Samiti, an organization that works for the protection of LGBTQ+ rights in Uttarakhand, said, “First, we need a legal holding company. Then we can discuss active participation in politics.